Yo, Rakuten, we’d wear a patch of red for a stack of green


Darting here and there …

–Whoa, so what might a sportswriter who covers the Warriors on a fairly regular basis get to wear that little Rakuten patch? We’re easy. Would settle for quite a bit less than $20 mil a year, just a short stack of green.

–We’d even wear a little bigger patch than that dinky thing. For that kind of jack, we’d even get a Rakuten tat. Text us.

–Heck, in Spain, Rakuten got more than a patch. It got the whole uniform front from FC Barcelona.

–With the addition of their new “The Town” jersey honoring Oakland, the Warriors are well on their way to having a different uni for all 41 home games.

–Wouldn’t it be something if they just wore one that said “Oakland” for once?

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