Would Peter Kraus Consider ‘Bachelor’ Gig?


Earlier this morning, “The Bachelorette” contestant Peter Kraus sat down with “Good Morning America’s” Michael Strahan to open up on his breakup with Rachel Lindsay and whether he would ever sign up for “The Bachelor.”

The 31-year-old didn’t find love with Rachel, but he isn’t saying no if he was asked to be the next Bachelor, which was a dream he expressed in his high school yearbook in 2005. He did tell Michael, “I’d have to think a lot about it.”

On Monday night, 8 million people tuned in to watch Peter and Rachel’s emotional split, one day before she said “yes” to Bryan Abasolo. During their heart-to-heart, Peter told Rachel he wasn’t ready to propose, but also didn’t want to lose her. With emotions running high, Peter told Rachel to “go find someone to have a mediocre life with,” which he now regrets saying. He said, “First off, that was stupid of me to say. It was in the heat of the moment, I was very emotional and I shouldn’t have said it. I was very apologetic for it. Understandably so, she took offense to it and however she reacted, I had to take it, and it is what it is at this point.” Watch!

Peter and Rachel would meet face-to-face at the show’s “After the Rose” episode, which was very “hard” for him. He revealed, “I hadn’t seen that segment since I actually was there myself. It was the first time being back in those emotions. I knew I was watching this woman be hurt, and I was watching myself be hurt and I was going to go have to face her for the first time since then, so it was a lot of emotion.”


Despite the tension, the reunion gave him some “closure.” He explained, “Rachel and I had a conversation onstage, and I think she’s obviously in a very happy place. I’m getting to a happy place and we left on good terms. I think it was okay.”

When asked if Rachel had “settled” for Bryan, Peter replied, “I don’t think she settled. I think she and I had a very instant connection on our date, but I think she had an amazing connection with Bryan as well. It was obvious from the start. He’s a good fit and they seem very happy. I wish them nothing but the best.”

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