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Tinashe Boobtastic Top and Shiny Sweat Out In Hollywood



This revealing cleavetastic top and shiny sweat pants for the hot ladies seems to be taking off in terms of style. I’m no fashion maven, as my wardrobe choices are driven largely by the discount rack at Target, but you’d be blind not to notice everybody following the Bella Hadid sports wear lead in terms of evening out in athletic wear thing Adidas, Nike, and Puma and the like are using to sell overpriced gym clothes.

But when ogling the likes of Tinashe out at a Hollywood hotspot in a boobtastic top and sweats, you’re inclined to think this is a solid trend. If nothing else, I do believe sweats might be the first bit of female wardrobe I could remove from a woman without awkwardly asking for assistance. No buttons, no zippers. It’s how boys in middle school were so easily able to pants one another. Now turned into a quick undressing technique for hotties.

We really only see the alluring Tinashe on her evenings out. She makes the most of her once a month appearance for paparazzi, by looking stellar, catching lenses, and creating wood. Your results may vary. As ever, I only speak for myself. Enjoy.


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