Roundup: Mets Trade Jay Bruce, Missouri Gets Michael Porter Jr.’s Brother a Year Early


Rita Ora … member Pizza Hut’s Book It!? …  Natty is coming out with some flavored beverages and they sound amazing … burglar leaves DNA in toilet because he didn’t flush … weed van found to contain weed products … typing is dying because the internet is turning to voice and video … a Jennifer Lawrence interview … scientists working on editing embryos … Disney will pay $177 million in pink slime lawsuitCongressional map leaning very far GOP … Megyn Kelly’s new co-workers are already “outraged” at hersquirrel starts fire, spoils so much milk … Paul Manafort’s home was searched …

The New York Mets traded Jay Bruce to the Cleveland Indians. [NY Post]

Michael Porter Jr.’s little brother decided to reclassify and attend Missouri this year. [KC Star]

Weird autograph stories from college football coaches. [ESPN]

Hold onto your hats because Carson Wentz stretches. [Philly]

Amar’e Stoudemire facing a paternity lawsuit. [Miami Herald]

Former Chicago Blackhawks star Eddie Olczyk battling cancer. [Chicago Sun Times]

Women’s tennis player suspended despite mom’s tortellini defense. [Telegraph]

OJ’s Ford Bronco is going to be on Pawn Stars. [TMZ]

Luther Campbell says Lane Kiffin is a “rock star.” FAU is officially on the come up. [Palm Beach Post]

Pitt has a player from Last Chance U, but more importantly, Pat Narduzzi calls Netflix “Netflex.” [Post-Gazette]

The Angels wore basketball jerseys to travel to Seattle,

Bol Bol’s team also walked off the court after they felt they were unfairly refereed.

Miles Bridges looking like a freak athlete in a pro-am.

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