Nationals defeat Giants but lose Bryce Harper to knee injury


WASHINGTON – The Giants arrived in the District of Columbia late Wednesday night. By the time they saw their first pitch at Nationals Park, it was after 10 p.m. on Saturday.

But there are worse things than waiting through rain delays and postponements. Much, much worse.

The ballpark fell into stunned silence in the first inning of the Nationals’ 3-1 victory when star player Bryce Harper stomped on a wet first base, his cleat slid, his left knee buckled and he went flying as if violently ejected from a moving vehicle.

Harper’s face twisted in agony as he held his left knee. It took a trainer and a base coach to assist him off the field. All the while – down the dugout stairs, then down the tunnel to the clubhouse — he put no weight on his injured left leg.

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