Justice League Tidbits Point To A New Costume For The Flash


Spare a thought for the Scarlett Speedster.

Whereas Warner Bros. has successfully launched standalone pics for Kal-El (Man of Steel) and Diana Prince (Wonder Woman), not to mention laying the foundation for James Wan’s brewing Aquaman movie, if there’s one solo movie that has struggled to hit the ground running, it’s The Flash.

Once earmarked for a release in 2018, Barry Allen’s spinoff movie has been pulled from Warner’s slate altogether since losing Seth Grahame-Smith came and Rick Famuyiwa. Word is that erstwhile Han Solo directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller may go full circle to helm The Flash for Warner Bros., though we’re still waiting for a confirmation on that front, fans can at least look forward to Ezra Miller suiting up as the Scarlett Speedster for Justice League.

Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon’s DC ensemble movie is on course for a release in November, and will no doubt be Warner’s main attraction at San Diego Comic-Con next weekend. But when it comes to Barry Allen, in particular, it appears as though Ezra Miller’s whip-smart hero will be sporting a more advanced costume when the lights go down on November 17th. At least, that’s according to a new image unearthed by heroic.gateway, which has allegedly been pulled from the pages of Entertainment Weely’s Comic-Con special.

You can thank Bruce Wayne for those subtle changes to Barry Allen’s crimson armor. Word is that Ben Affleck’s filthy rich billionaire develops a much-needed suit upgrade for Flash in Justice League – not unlike Tony Stark’s decision to lend a helping hand in Spider-Man: Homecoming – and this concept art certainly gives us our best look at Barry Allen’s alternate costume yet.

Expect more information to be unveiled when SDCC gets going on Thursday, July 20th. Justice League, meanwhile, hits theaters on November 17th.


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