In a Feud Between Canadian Sports and Italian Fashion, Everyone Is Being Pretty Nice



Some feuds are less like an all-out brawl and more like a tickle fight that ends the moment one says, “O.K., that’s enough.” The Cut, by way of CTV News, has discovered a group of vaguely miffed Canucks on the Internet. What has whipped the furor of these Canadian sports fans into a light froth? Legacy Italian design house Versace.

Versace is currently selling a women’s sweater with a logo that resembles one once used by the Canuck hockey team from Vancouver. Both have circles? Check. Predominantly black? Check. A bunch of lines in the vague shape of a skate? Check, pretty much. CTVN notes that the team’s “flying skate” logo was de rigueur from 1985 to 1997, found on everything from replica jerseys to hats. Now the logo has found apparently unintentional new life on the Versace sweater, which goes for $860 euros, or $1,015 American buckos, at the European luxury site My Theresa.

Here are a couple of nice tweets about it:

It made Twitter moments, mildly:

Often when fashion brands rip off smaller brands there are angry Instagrams with angrier comment sections and the occasional lawsuit, but not in this case. Neither brand has commented publicly, though Vanity Fair has reached out to both. This feud may have already run its course, but to go full circle, anyone who would like a rip-off Versace sweater can find old Canuck pull-overs on eBay for about $50.

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