Has Jared Kushner Ever Filled Out a Form He Hasn’t Messed Up?



Jared Kushner, a Harvard-educated pair of lips, is registered in New York to vote as a woman, Wired’s Ashley Feinberg first reported. The New York State Board of Elections form included in the piece shows that he registered to vote in November 2009, marked no party registration, and is “Gender: Female.”

Kushner, Harvard man and son of big-time real estate boys, already had a reputation for being bad at forms. This Crimson chestnut’s first public struggles with paper occurred in January, when he prematurely filed his national security questionnaire, the form that all military and government personnel must fill out to apply for security clearance. He’s refiled it twice more since January, according to the Washington Post. That’s one form, three edits. Misgendering his voter registration is not a huge deal, but the questionnaire is a huge deal, mostly because the major issues had to do with declaring meetings with foreign governments (also he got his father-in-law’s address wrong as well as the dates of his graduate degrees from not Harvard). Lying on that form is punishable by up to five years in federal prison.

Special council Robert S. Mueller, who is investigating the Trump administrations potential ties to Russia, will have to determine whether those mistakes were an accident or a purposeful accident in the end. But surely for the voter registration form, Kusher didn’t rub his hands together and think, “Oh, how I’m going to muck this one up?” He hasn’t been sticking it to bureaucracy since 2009, right? No, he just, like—bloop blurp!—mucked it up accidentally and made himself a lady in the eyes of the New York State Board of Elections. And yes, gender is a construct. We all know that. But absent evidence that Kushner identifies as a woman in any way, the important thing here is that Kushner, who went to Harvard, can’t fill out a form to save his life.

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