Gorgeous Character Portraits Spotlight The Justice League



Now this, is more like it. I think I’ve been justifiably critical of Warner Bros.’ promotional posters for Justice League to date. The vast majority of them have been garish collages of press shots haphazardly assembled in the most boring possible configurations. Now, finally, they’ve broken the mold with these striking images summarizing each member of the League with a distinctive color and a moody headshot.

They’re all well-photographed and contain a glimmer of what each character means – from the hopeful sunrise of Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, to the not-quite-human monochrome of Ray Fisher’s Cyborg through to the fierce and cool Ben Affleck Batman. Notably missing is Henry Cavill’s Superman, though this ties in with him being absent from much of the promotional material and trailers, with his in-film return inevitable yet still exciting.

We haven’t seen much of Steppenwolf in these posters either and, save for a couple of parademons here and there, we still don’t know exactly how the Justice League are going to take on this cosmic threat that might rip apart the entire DCEU. We’ve only got a couple of weeks to go until this baby hits cinemas though and it looks as if we’re seeing the initial waves of what’ll be an inescapable media onslaught. After all, it’s all but confirmed now that we’ll get a final trailer very soon – quite possibly next week.

No doubt, the studio is hopeful that the next preview will put to rest the worries that many fans have about the change of directors midway through production, with reshoots and editing going on even as we speak. Either way, we’ll know for sure whether Justice League will be a hit or a hash very soon, as it’s set to open big on November 17th. Not too long to go now, folks!



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