Ex-49ers cornerback sees nothing wrong with hit on Adams



The controversial hit on Davante Adams of the Green Bay Packers looked just fine to a distinguished former 49ers cornerback.

Eric Davis, who played in San Francisco from 1990-95 and made two career Pro Bowls, tweeted his support Thursday night after the tackle by Chicago Bears linebacker Danny Trevathan.

Trevathan’s helmet-to-helmet contact drew a 15-yard penalty for unnecessary roughness.

“Horrible call. Got to let football be football #defensematters,” Davis wrote on his verified Twitter account.

Later, in responding to others who saw the hit as dirty, Davis tweeted: “That’s the way every kid in the US is (taught) to tackle!! The game is (too) fast when played with world class athletes to throw that flag … People, you’re asking a human being, moving at warp speed, to choose a target and aim. Impossible!”

An NFL spokesman told ESPN that the play is being reviewed for possible further discipline. Adams was back at home Friday after spending the might in the hospital.


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