Chris McKay Weighs In On Casting Process


When it comes to Warner’s plans for a live-action Nightwing movie – plans that were initially put into place back in February – the search for Dick Grayson is ongoing, but that hasn’t stopped writer-director Chris McKay from maintaining an open dialogue with curious fans via Twitter.

McKay, who is perhaps best known for his celebrated work on The LEGO Batman Movie, posted a series of Tweets over the weekend to explain his thought process behind the casting of Dick Grayson, and why Warner’s candidate of choice will need to be prepared for a rigorous, “emotionally taxing” shoot involving stunt work, martial arts, and gymnastics. It’s all part of Chris McKay’s promise to create a compelling Nightwing solo movie that simultaneously stands on its own two feet, all the while becoming a worthy addition to the DC Extended Universe.

And whoever winds up in the spandex, word is that Warner Bros. plans to introduce their revamped Dick Grayson via Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Production on that one is due to commence sometime next year ahead of a rumored 2019 release, so there’s no telling where Nightwing will fall on the studio’s slate. 2020, perhaps?

Per Twitter:

Nightwing is currently without a release date to call its own, but we do know that Warner Bros. is expected to have a huge presence at San Diego Comic-Com this coming weekend. Justice League, Aquaman, and Wonder Woman 2 have reportedly booked their respective places, but will the Powers That Be find room for Dick Grayson? Stay tuned for more on that one.

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