Brandon Marshall Did Not Want to Talk About Race or Domestic Violence With Kirk and Callahan



Brandon Marshall joined WEEI’s Kirk & Callahan this morning. When they asked him about comments he made in 2015 about black players “absolutely” being held to a different standard than white players with regard to NFL discipline, Marshall appeared to sense he was getting set up for a trap, and did not want to engage with the hosts.

“I’m not getting into the race card with you guys,” Marshall said. “If that’s what you want to do … Black guys in America get treated differently.”

The hosts kept pressing him, and Marshall declared the interview over. Then, Kirk Minihane asked him, clarifying that the right word was not “luck,” if Marshall felt he’d have been disciplined differently in today’s atmosphere if the domestic violence allegations from earlier in his career had occurred now. At this point, Marshall got up to walk off, but awkwardly spilled his coffee, which temporarily delayed his exit.

Marshall handled the line of questioning calmly, and it’s hard to blame him for not wanting to engage in those questions. That being said, he had to have — or at least should have — known that those types of questions were coming when he agreed to appear on that show.


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