bitchy | Prince Harry spent time with a much younger woman at the Invictus Games



Invictus Games handball Event

One of the reasons why I believe Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are fast-tracking their relationship – fast-tracking in the royal sense, because royals seem to take forever to get married – is because of their ages, and what their ages mean for baby-making. Harry is 33 years old, Meghan just turned 36 in August. My mother even makes comments about Meghan’s age, as in: if Meg and Harry want babies, they need to get this show on the road pretty quickly.

I’m not bringing this up to put my nose into another woman’s reproductive business. I’m bringing this up because I think Harry is Forever Baby Crazy. Harry attended the Sitting Volleyball Finals yesterday, and of course he gravitated to the cutest little girl there. He sat next to Emily Henson and Emily’s parents Hayley and David. Harry spent most of the game playing with Emily and making faces at her and… yeah, he wants a baby. Let’s fast-track this sh-t, Harry. I want an engagement announcement in the next month!

What else? An American athlete at the games asked Harry about how Meghan was enjoying the games. U.S. Air Force Master Sgt. Kyle Burnett told People: “I asked him how his girlfriend was enjoying it and he said, ‘She loves it, she’s loving the games.’” Nice.

The BBC also did what is possibly the most British undertaking ever – trying to explain that Meghan Markle’s mother lives in a really nice part of Crenshaw in LA, and that Meghan isn’t really from “the ghetto,” as many British tabloids have claimed. This piece was really funny to me, because it feeds into this notion that… I think British people believe all African-Americans either live like Oprah or they live in gangland.

Invictus Games handball Event

Invictus Games handball Event

Invictus Games handball Event

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