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Katherine Heigl’s career isn’t where she wants it to be, I’m assuming. Her legal drama, Doubt, was canceled by CBS about three weeks ago after just two episodes had aired. Before that she starred on NBC thriller State of Affairs, which ran for just one season before it was eliminated. Since Doubt she’s only had a voice role on The Nut Job 2 and according to IMDB has nothing else in the works. So she needs to drum up some interest and cash and what better way than by sharing a relatable story about trying to lose baby weight? So Katherine posted a too-long story to her blog, Those Heavenly Days, about how much weight she gained while pregnant with her third child, son Joshua, born on December 20th of last year. She uses a lot of words to explain how she lost all but 10 pounds of that weight already by being kind to herself or something. (This was her first pregnancy and while I normally wouldn’t distinguish between her biological and adopted children, it’s relevant to this story.) Here’s some of what she wrote and it’s all about her and how hard this was for her and body positivity, etc. Then she plugs a meal delivery service, because this is where her career is now. As an editor I would have wiped out about 70% of this essay. This is a condensed version of course:

She gained 50 pounds while pregnant
In the seven months since Joshua Jr was born I have managed to slowly but surely drop my pregnancy weight with only 10 pounds left to lose. I gained almost 50 pounds during my pregnancy and I’m not gonna lie, I had moments of sheer panic that I’d never be able to lose it all. I had hoped to only gain 25-30 pounds like my mother during her pregnancies but found that just wasn’t possible for me.

She lost 30 pounds soon after the baby was born, most of it water and baby
About ten days after Joshua Jr’s birth I got back on the scale to see where I was at and how far I had to go. I had miraculously dropped about 30 of the 50 pounds. I remember being absolutely dumbfounded and weighing myself two more times to be sure the scale was correct.

She’s lost 10 pounds since
We’ve all heard about the gals who tone up and get right back into their skinny jeans weeks after their babies birth but this was not me, nor was I trying for it to be. I have only lost 10 pounds since that first initial drop but that’s ok because I decided from the start that I was going to lovingly but patiently reclaim my pre baby body, and forgive the glorious imperfections that would forever grace my new post baby body. Like the caesarean scar that everyone said would be practically unnoticeable but in my case stretches almost hip to hip.

Her “best weight loss advice”
My best weight loss advice is to start every morning by saying out loud a positive mantra of your choice about your body. Mine is “I am easily, with good health, inspiration, grace and gratitude losing weight faster than I can even imagine with harm to none.” Then I say my gratefuls. Thanking my body for it’s perfect health, strength, limberness, vibrancy, youthfulness and beauty.”

[From Those Heavenly Days]

Thanking my body for it’s perfect health, strength, limberness, vibrancy, youthfulness and beauty.” You really get a sense of her personality in this essay and I’ll leave it at that.

I gained over 50 pounds during my first and only pregnancy. Like Katherine I lost about 25-30 pounds after my baby was born. Then I gained again when I stopped breastfeeding and yo-yoed for about ten years, honestly. Weight stuff is hard and it can take a while to reach a point where you’re comfortable and can stay there. In the scheme of things Katherine lost this weight quickly. Seven months is nothing, but compared to her peers I guess she was slow. I appreciate that she’s typically a very healthy not-too-thin weight. (Although I get why celebrities do that – access to fashion.) She’s an actress, so she needed to slim down fast to be considered for more roles, sadly. I mean she has other impediments to being hireable, of course. Also being perceived by the public as down to earth and likable is important. This will give her some headway, but in the end it was just a commercial. She should really focus her social media on her animal advocacy work. People love pet rescue stories but you don’t get paid for that.

Also this Instagram caption below is not correct. She does talk about eating lower calorie meals and making her calories healthy food. She also talks about cardio but not going too hard.



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