bitchy | Angelina Jolie stopped by the UN to meet with the Secretary-General


True or false: Angelina Jolie has no style. I think that’s false, but I have my reasons. If we’re saying that Angelina has had bad red-carpet style for the better part of a decade, then sure, I’ll agree with that. But I actually think she has a good eye for separates and professional attire. She has a good eye for suits, pencil skirts, coats, blouses, tote bags, sweaters and well-cut slacks. I’d actually love it she started wearing those kinds of clothes to premieres instead of trying to figure out how to work a sparkly sack dress or whatever.

Anyway, these are photos of Angelina at the United Nations yesterday. She wore a flattering mid-length pencil skirt and simple blouse. This is how she should dress more often, right? Right. And I love her red-burgundy purse. Angelina and the kids flew to New York from Toronto a few days ago, and I guess Angelina wanted to check in with her UN friends. She had some kind of meeting/photo-op with UN Secretary General António Guterres. Guterres used to be the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, so they’ve known each other for probably fifteen years or so.

Angelina Jolie and General Antonio Guterres attend the United Nations in New York

What else? Jon Voight came to her premiere last night, and he went to the afterparty too. Angelina and Jon are going through one of those phases where they don’t hate each other, and I guess I hope that Jon can stay quiet in the press about his daughter. Here’s a photo of Angelina at the afterparty. Amazing coat! She should have worn that to the premiere.

Angelina Jolie and her children leave the 'First They Killed My Father' Screening

Photos courtesy of Backgrid.

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