A’s ballpark site has issues, but beats Coliseum alternative


Congratulations are in order to the A’s for upholding their grand tradition of making the most challenging site choice possible to build a new ballpark. We knew they could do it, and somewhere in the Fremont bayside marshlands, the frogs and crickets are applauding.

In announcing the Peralta site near Laney College as their No. 1 preference, the A’s picked the location with the greatest obstacles, the loudest opposition, the least amount of parking and the longest period of development to completion. Excellent!

Good lord, it sounds like a movie – 2023: A Ballpark Odyssey. Yes, buckle up, kids. It’s going to take us yet another five-plus years to get there, so if you have to go to the bathroom, Mr. Kaval says go now. Heck, it could take a year or two before we can even run down to the hardware store and buy shovels.

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