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Amber Rose and Christina Milian Big Cleavage Party in Hollywood



You’d have to visit your local gentlemen’s club to see more chest than was put on display by Amber Rose and Christian Milian at a Hollywood party teeming with teats and sweet peeks of revealing tops everywhere you looked. Amber Rose in one of her new wigs and Christina Milian more than held their own in this melon-revealing soiree of the boobtastic variety. If you happen to dig big cans on exhibitionist women, this was the event of the season.

Maybe not so red carpet classy, but these ladies are not here to represent sophistication. It’s all about public displays of prurience and motorboating potential. Sometimes you simply want to party and not think about much else. In that case, this threesome and their half dozen bubbly pillows dangling from their frontside were just right for your mood. I see nothing to complain about, while much to cover in baby oil and play romantic mood music to. It’s the big show. Enjoy.


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Photo Credit: Splash News

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